Hey Fam,

Welcome to the Conquering Cool Blog!

Let me be totally honest, I know my mom is going to be the only one who reads most of these, but on the off chance that you found your way here, then I hope my little juggling act of fatherhood, medical school and daily life with the coolest ladies I know is encouraging and humorous, even if I resort to fart jokes and Dad puns.

I have always had a bit of an obsession with being cool, so I figured I might as well document the coolest thing I have ever done, becoming a father. In between you might see my alter ego as a super-nerd peek through and you will probably find way too much information about baby poop, medical school anatomy and my world view. Daddin’ ain’t easy. My worries these days include raising a Jesus-loving daughter in a world dominated by sex and misogyny, supporting my wife in her journey through the patriarchy and whether or not I will get to see the next Marvel movie in theaters or if I will have to wait for the Redbox.

I apologize in advance for my overtly pretentious opinions regarding Beer, Coffee, Jeans, Mustaches and TV shows. You shouldn’t be wholly surprised about my choice in neckwear, usually bowties, or that I like to bring up where I went to undergrad, “A small school in New Jersey.” I double majored in Football and History with a minor in beer. I read everything not nailed down and am a little too into the Song of Ice and Fire series. My wife Claire is the most important person in my life. We have been married since July 2014 but had our first date on Valentine’s Day 2009 (The Princess Bride and popcorn on her parents couch. We held hands. #HighSchoolRomeo.) She might make a guest appearance from time to time, ya never know. We welcomed our beautiful baby girl Roosevelt “Rosie” Wilder at the end of Jan 2017 on FDR’s Birthday (I told you I was pretentious.) This blog will most definitely divulge into captions on pictures of those two cuties. Sorry I’m not sorry. We are generally so sleep deprived that staring at a baby is our favorite pastime.

So if that doesn’t sound like the worst person to ever try and write a blog, then maybe stick around a bit. Hopefully somewhere in all of this we can find out what being a cool kid is all about, or at least we can try to raise one.

Sincerely yours,